The Vicious Cycle is a collaboration between retired frame-builder Duncan MacIntyre and composite specialist Anton Dekker. MacIntyre is South Africa's most accomplished bicycle frame builder having built frames from the early 1970's under a wide range of local brands and later custom frames for competitive use under his own brand 'Gemini'. Dekker runs a specialist composite workshop producing bespoke components for brands such as Porsche, Lamborghini and Ferrari. The Vicious cycle is available in an edition of 10, hand-built using original MacIntyre frames, Dekker Tri-spoke wheels & select contemporary components.

The current edition of the Vicious Cycle is unfortunately sold out.
Mail us if you are interested in a new edition.

The Frame

MacIntyre built the featured frame for SA Track Cyclist Malcolm Cochrane for competitive use in the Track World Championships in the mid 1980's and it was later used by SA Olympic contender Timothy Abbot. The hand-brazed frame is made from Reynolds 653 and Columbus steel tubing renown for its impressive strength-to-weight ratio and flexing properties suitable for track racing. The frame was stripped and coppered by Gavin Oliver, provided with black lacquer detailing by Malcolm Sampson and rebuilt by Timothy Abbot using a range of classic and contemporary components including a 3T, Campagnolo, Vredenstein, Cinelli and Brooks.


The Tri-spoke Carbon Wheels

Whilst Manners maketh the Man - we believe that Wheels maketh the Rest. Our bespoke Tri-Spoke wheels were custom crafted for the Vicious Cycle project by Anton Dekker and his team at Exclusive Conversion using state of the art carbon fiber composites. The process includes the development of a custom mould and the hand-layering of 4 layers of composites & honey-comb to deliver the safety and performance requirements of a high performance rim.

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