We've realised that there's a new breed of Porsche enthusiast emerging. One that is perhaps a little less 'Anorak' and a little more 'Open to Awesome'. With that said, we're proud to announce our collaboration with Spider Murphy, South Africa's most recognised surfboard shaper.

The Black Pipeline Guns

'The New Black' is a limited edition of TEN hand-shaped Porsche Black 'Pipeline Guns' - first shaped by Spider for Sean Tomson to win the 1975 Hawaii Masters and reshaped the future of surfing across the globe. Each board starts with a moulded blank with a wooden strip, or 'stringer', glued down the centre. The board is milled down to the exact measurements of Shaun Tomson's 1975 Pipeline Gun, before being shaped, planed and sanded by Spider until it is as smooth and symmetrical as possible. The shaped blank is then encased in fibreglass roving and resin, smoothed by hand and then polished.

The New Black

The Hand-shaped Wooden Fin

Each fin is handcrafted by Maisch, the small family-run business on the South Coast of KwaZulu Natal who supplied the 1975 original and to this day continue to hand-shape surfboard fins. Each fin is shaped from the very same wooden 'stringer' that forms the spine of the board and take approximately 8 hours of skilled labour to complete. As tradition dictates, each fin is permanently installed on each board board using fibreglass roving and resin.

The New Black

The Secret of Happiness

Our collaboration with Spider Murphy is both a celebration of the iconic colours that we apply to our Porsche Weekend Racer & Cruiser Series and a tangible acknowledgement of Bertrand Russel's quote; "The secret of happiness is this: let your interests be as wide as possible, and let your reactions to things and persons that interest you be as far as possible friendly rather than hostile".

The New Black

Your Own Dutchmann Pipeline Gun

The New Black edition is available to purchase for R40,600 whilst stocks lasts.

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The New Black
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