Few automotive brands deliver that rare balance of timeless design, racing performance and heritage appeal. In our view, the MINI Cooper R53 series carries this elusive mix. Produced by BMW between 2001-2006, the uniquely Supercharged R53 series not only retains the considered proportions of the original MINI - but punches well above its weight in terms of contemporary performance and handling.

The Inspiration

Our MINI Weekend Racers are inspired by the super-rare, race-ready 2006 MINI JCW GP produced in limited numbers by BMW in 2006. The GP’s unique mix of factory upgrades to the motor, suspension, cabin and aerodynamics resulted in increased power, lighter weight and legendary road holding.

Our R53 MINI Weekend Racers follow in the GP’s footsteps…

The Supercharger

Unique to the R53 range, there’s a supercharger not-so hidden under the bonnet of all our MINIs. The supercharger adds power by forcing more air into the engine combustion chamber. More air means more fuel can be added, and more fuel means a bigger explosion and greater horsepower.


The Options

Pricing for complete models start from R280,000 ex vat. Availability is limited.

Alternatively, we’ll transform your own MINI into a Dutchmann MINI Weekend Racer by combining a series of aesthetic and performance upgrades across body colour, interior, wheels and classic detailing. Each car is managed personally by our design team and all work is carried out by our world-renown network of master craftsmen. Importantly, each vehicle that leaves our production line is formally editioned on the Dutchmann register adding to its value and long-term collectibility.

Full rebuild costs vary based on donor condition and your final specification.

Enquire now…

Body Colour

We will guide you through a select palette of Dutchmann signature colours. All vehicles are fully stripped and rebuilt using strictly Porsche trim & parts. Prices vary upward from R68,000 based on original body colour.


We offer various levels of Performance Upgrade:

  • Improved breathing & mapping for improved responsiveness
  • Lightweight clutch and Flywheel for improved acceleration
  • Racing cam upgrade for increased power and performance

Prices vary upward from R18,500 and all work carries a 12 month workmanship guarantee


Our bespoke leather interior upgrades bring a timeless, classic look to your Weekend Racer. Choose from various leather seat, dashboard, steering wheel, door panel and carpet upgrades. We use only the finest leather from a selected colour palette to compliment your body colour. Hand-finished aluminium Dutchmann scripts and edition plates finish off the look. Prices vary upward from R12,500.


We offer a selection of MINI wheel upgrades. Choose from original 17" MINI GP 4-spoke wheels or lightweight hand-finished 16" rims using our signature polished-rim treatment. Prices vary upward from R12,500.

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